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  • "We will continue to strive until life is added to all the water on Earth."

    Sungil En-Tech Co., Ltd. has presented a new paradigm for eco-friendly water purification technology in Korea through constant technological innovation
    since its establishment in 1999, We aim for a world where nature and humans coexist and developed the SNR process, a water purification technology
    through hybrid constructed wetland capable of eco-friendly/low carbon/green growth, and is recognized as the best technology in the field of eco-friendly
    water purification at the inside and outside of the country, as a result of active market development.

  • Sungil En-Tech Co., Ltd. considers the principle the most important.

    We have been doing our best from the construction to operation of all purification facilities with fair means and steady beliefs.

  • We are willing to accept change and reform.

    We will prepare for a new future that is much better than the present. As a leading company that responds quickly and actively to the water quality
    environment market, we continue to invest in technical innovation and quality improvement. In addition, we plan to become a global company
    by expanding our sales network not only in Korea but also in the global market. We will become a leading company in the global market beyond
    the No. 1 domestic market share in the constructed wetland field.

All executives and employees of Sungil En-Tech will take the lead in creating a prosperous and beautiful future
and handing down clean water and life-giving water to our descendants with pride to grow into the best comprehensive water environment company.

Sungil En-Tech Co., Ltd. CEO Park Goo-Hyeon