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Polluted Stream Purification Wetland

Eco-friendly constructed wetland water purification technology that can simultaneously improve stream water quality
and restore ecological environment
  • Possible to use various sites such as fore-land and inland, and development and landscaping are created in connection with purification wetland according
    to various purposes of use of stream.
  • Compared to existing contact oxidation technologies such as gravel contact oxidation, high-efficiency treatment is possible even under various contaminants
    and high concentration conditions, and long-term stable operation with minimal maintenance is possible.
Simultaneous operation possible as a non-point source pollution reduction wetland
  • Bright day : Polluted Stream Purification Wetland, eco-friendly ecological wetland park
  • Rainy day : Non-point source pollution (initial rainfall) reduction wetland
  • Depending on the location of the purification palnt, it is planned to purify soil runoff such as untreated urban sewage that are generated during rainfall and
    then flow it into the stream.
Installed on the riverside to create an ecological wetland park and educational facility
  • Creation of an image of a river that breathes with citizens : Guarantee from 공법사 for loss of facilities due to natural disasters such as river overflow,
    flooding, etc.
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