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Wastewater Reuse Wetland

The reuse process based on the SNR process purifies the effluent from sewage treatment plant to the level
of hydrophilic water.
  • Transformation of effluent from sewage treatment plant into reuse water for various purposes such as agricultural water, landscaping water, washing water,
    and river maintenance water
  • It is possible to respond to total phosphorus treatment measures by achieving T-P 0.1mg/L or less by installing in conjunction with chemical treatment plant.
It can be used as a CSOs/SSOs treatment plant in case of rain, preventing untreated sewage from flowing directly
into the stream.
  • Untreated rainfall overflow water (CSOs/SSOs) from the terminal treatment plant is completely purified in the SNR process and then discharged into the river.
  • Possible to develop in conjunction with the creation of an ecological park using the effluent from the wastewater treatment plant.
Reuse/CSOs/SSOs simultaneous processing diagram
재이용/CSOs/SSOs 동시 처리계통도
  • 하·폐수 방류수 재이용시설
  • 하·폐수 방류수 재이용시설