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SNR Process

Sungil Nutrient Removal Process Eco-friendly Water Purification Technology
Through Eco-friendly Constructed
SNR Process (High Efficiency Hybrid Constructed Wetland)

As the influent passes sequentially through an aerobic tank (vertical flow constructed wetland) where air is supplied to maintain an aerobic atmosphere by natural air draft system and an anaerobic/anoxic tank (horizontal flow constructed wetland) where air is not supplied, water purification technology through that simultaneously removes organic matter, nitrogen and phosphorus

Non-point source pollution reduction facility upstream of Juam Lake, Suncheon-si

Polluted stream purification wetland of Geoje-si Gohyeoncheon

Goseong-gun Jejeon Village

apyeong Village, Haman-guk

Process composition and function
  • Screen
  • Oil-water separation type
  • Sediment tank
Aerobic Constructed
  • Aerobic
  • Vertical flow
  • reed planting
Anaerobic Constructed
  • Anaerobic/anoxic
  • Horizontal/subsurface flow
  • purifying plants can be planted
Effluent Tank
  • Disinfection(option)
  • flow meter
  • Discharge Tank(Reuse)
Aerobic Constructed Wetland Anaerobic constructed wetland
  • Maintaining an aerobic atmosphere with air introduced by natural air
    draft system
  • The oxidation decomposition and nitrification of organic pollutants
  • Physical/chemical/biological removal of phosphorus
  • Maintain anaerobic/anoxic
  • Additional removal of organic pollutants.
  • Biological desorption.
  • Physical/chemical removal of phosphorus