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Advanced Sewage Treatment Plant

World-class eco-friendly advanced sewage treatment technology recognized by the Ministry of Environment
  • Provides the best applicability and operational efficiency of small-scale sewage treatment plant in rural areas
  • Higher economic feasibility compared to general equipment-type treatment wetland (less than 80% of construction cost / less than 30% of maintenance cost)
  • Efficient operation is possible only with circuit management due to the minimization of maintenance factors
  • The typical advanced sewage treatment technology for eco-friendly, low-carbon, green growth applied to a sewage treatment plant (380 m2/day)
    at the National Institute of Ecology of the Ministry of Environment (Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do)
Less than BOD 2mg/L, upgraded technology guarantees the best quality of treated water
  • Stable and constant satisfaction of the strengthened effluent water quality standards
  • Year-round schedule including winter season,
  • Water quality assurance below BOD 2.0mg/L, T-N 10mg/L and T-P 0.2mg/L through chemical treatment and high-efficiency constructed wetland filter media
    (Small-scale sewage treatment plant in operation in Jinju, Gyeongnam)
Establishment of first and differentiated technical support system in Korea
  • Provided the visit service with domestic sewage treatment technology for the first time as a full-time technical support system
  • Maintenance support, regular site visits, quarterly maintenance support report submission
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  • 하수고도처리시설