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Lake Water Purification Wetland

It fundamentally blocks the direct inflow of pollutants.
  • Bright day : All water flowing into the reservoir is purified at a purification wetland.
  • Rainy day : Functions as a non-point source pollution reduction wetland for the Initial rainfall runoff of upstream of the reservoir
Direct purification of lake water!
  • The lake water is purified by continuously circulating it to the SNR purification wetlnad throughout the year.
  • Proposed a fundamental solution to the problem of eutrophication by simultaneously removing organic matter, nitrogen,
    and phosphorus by high-efficiency filter media, microorganisms, and vegetation
Installation in connection with chemical treatment plant
  • Achieved over 98% T-P removal efficiency
  • 호소수 수질정화시설
  • 호소수 수질정화시설