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  • Environmental
    Construction Project
    (Water Pollution Prevention
    • Construction Of General Water And Sewerage
    • Design And Construction Of Private Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Design And Construction Of SNR Advanced Sewage Treatment Plant
    • Design And Construction Of Natural Non-point Source Pollution Reduction Wetland
    • Design And Construction Of Polluted Stream Purification Wetland And Lake Water Purification Wetland
  • Manufacturing
    (Water Pollution Prevention
    Facility Equipment)
    • Manufacturing Of SNR Patented Equipment
      (Filter media of Constructed Wetland, Natural Air Draft System)
  • R&D
    (Water Environment Sector)
    • Advanced Sewage Treatment Technology
    • Eco-friendly Constructed Wetland Water Purification Technology
    • High Efficiency Filter Media For Constructed Wetlands
    • Technology Application In LID (Low Impact Development)
  • Free Consulting
    In The Water Environment
    • Authorization And Permission Procedures For The Installation Of Public And Private Sewage
      Treatment Plant
    • Research Trends And New Technologies Sector For Water Purification Technology
    • Laws And Systems For The Water Environment
    • Management Of Water Purification Plant
  • Water Purification Plant
    Management Agency
    • Management Of Consignment And Operation For Various Water Purification Plant